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This wonderful embrocation has been loved by generations and is just as good as ever. Rose & Co. own the trademark for this amazing salve. Zam-Buk might look like a small unassuming tin, but we think its pretty amazing! An antiseptic ointment based on an original Victorian design and formulation, Zam-Buk is loved by generations for its ability to soothe a multitude of first aid problems.
Take a step back into the Victorian era and Zam-Buk was every where, painted on the side of buildings, in newspaper adverts and dotted around households in the UK.  
Zam-Buk has the power to soothe cuts, sores, bruises, burns,rashes, insect bites, chapped skin, blisters and many more ailments. Weve tried it, and it works! For Zam-Buk lovers everywhere, always keep a tin handy!

Zam-Buk Embrocation
Zam-Buk Embrocation